Module Update

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

It is only a few weeks now until my first submission date for this module but it has been an exciting few weeks! I have been creating designs and patterns which have been transferred to screens, digital prints and more! This semester is possibly my strongest one yet and the one I am enjoying most, learning so many new techniques and pushing my own boundaries has shown me that even the mistakes you make with work can create happy accidents!

Techniques; that I have grown to love, and aim to continue to develop…

  • Hand painting with acid dyes onto silk, jersey, cotton and more!
  • Screen printing
  • Hand painting onto silk screens
  • Divor√©
  • Quilting
  • Cutwork and layering
  • Bleaching dyes



As somewhat of a textiles newbie ( Although I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, I come from the fine art side of things but textiles has always been my calling- but this is for another post), a lot of these techniques are new to me so are still in need of development, I have screen printed before, but never exposed the screen myself until now. But my most favourite will always be working with ink and bleach, I love the qualities that bleach over ink creates, or ink over bleach, once a messy worker, always a messy worker!

As I am reaching my first hand in, I have taken some time to consider what comes next, what techniques are working, what aren’t, what style i am preferring and what colours. I have taken a fascination to quilting, geometrics are one of my favourite areas to work with and something I always seem to incorporate in my work. Creating designs to support what I aim to achieve with my patchwork quilting has been so much fun, designing in hexagons but having designs cross over into each other, creating an abstract vibe. So far I am working with 3 patterns per design, this may increase or deduce, at this stage though I am comfortable using 3, 2 inspired by Constance Howarth, and one my own. My idea is to create a representation of memory, a kind of tribute to the beautiful designs created by Constance howarth, to start with I am working with creating a memory quilt which I am hoping to transfer in the next half of this module into perspex ¬†with a cutwork overlay, representing a window for the audience to look into and view the designs in an unusual way, the cutwork being more geometrics which I have taken from Constance Howarth’s designs.









For the next couple of weeks my hope is to put all the knowledge that I have gained, all of the inspiration and research, into a new technical file, so that at the end of my degree I can combine all that knowledge to work from in one gigantic file! (I hope!) I also will be working on getting some samples of my patchwork style designs ready to take through to the next stage!

Thank you for reading,



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