Ideas Into Development


Welcome back to my blog! I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like to be doing just yet as I have had my head stuck in books researching and also experimenting with some new techniques to develop my designs for this new module!

IMG_9063.jpgIMG_9054.jpgIMG_9058.jpgSo, since I was initially just drawing observations from Constance Howarth’s designs, I thought it would be quite nice to see what her designs would look like transferred onto fashion garments to start with, more focally, 1950’s dresses.


I really enjoyed transferring the designs onto products and seeing them slowly come to life, but I am now wondering if this is just one of those ideas which sit to one side and get used for something else. At this stage in the module the focus is purely on experimenting and developing, not even thinking about any final products yet, but I think that creating a garment might not be where I want to take my designs. I have gone back to the drawing board, now focusing on creating my own patterns inspired by both the 50’s and their fabulous shapes and colours but also looking at things around Bolton that might create some patterns to develop. Over the next few weeks I am aiming to have a wide variety of designs to then look at using towards samples for new techniques!

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