A New Module

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am excited to start this blog as I dive into a new module at university. The Designer maker module this year is exploring Bolton’s textiles archive. I have chosen to study the designs of Constance Howarth from the 1950’s, exploring her exciting choices of media varying from felt tip marker pens, to wax and spray paints! Her bold colour combinations and use of pattern inspired me to develop my own patterns from my surroundings, whether it be an old building, concrete, broken tiles or scenery when I am out and about. Initially, I can’t wait to get stuck in to this module and I think it will be an amazing chance to push my own boundaries and step out of my comfort zone, step away from using CAD and go back to traditional methods of designing both repeats and non- repeats, by hand. In order to kick start my drawings other than doing observations of Constance Howarth’s designs, I have also been exploring other 1950’s designs mixed with some current designs in the hope of developing an end outcome where I can bring the designs back to life! Some key inspiring artists that I have come across so far; David Whitehead, Valerie Searle Romill, Robert Stewart, McCalls dress patterns, Lucien Day and Mary white.

More posts to come with my development and thoughts on this journey!

Thanks for reading,




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